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is an innovative solution for enriched and immersive listening that allows spectators to benefit from pure sound coming directly from the engineer's console, and to free themselves from external variables that could deteriorate their sound experience. Interactive, it allows you to personalise the sound according to your hearing, your position in the room, or what you want to perceive better at certain moments of the concert (voices, instruments, etc.). A pioneer, it remarkably improves the quality of musical perception for the hearing impaired.

Supralive® allows any audience to listen to a show in the best possible conditions.

It is reasonable to come to this conclusion when you have not yet tried this fantastic immersive experience.

This question was paramount at the genesis of the Supralive project and remains central today in our users’ survey. It appears that the feeling of isolation was often absent of our spectator’s experiences for various reasons:

- Listening through headphones generates a feeling of being closer to the stage and the artist (a "in your ear" listening). Instead of feeling outside the concert, our users express the feeling of being even more immersed in the show with Supralive.

- The sound from the front speakers and the ambience of the room remain audible despite the earphones, as is the case with earplugs

- The headphones do not make the audience disappear, the live show remains a unique moment that is experienced by several people and whose emotions are shared

- The physical feeling of the music through the infrabass is always present

- Of course, there is nothing to prevent you from removing your headphones whenever you want!

Of course not! We have designed our mobile application so that it is easy to use, very intuitive and can be used by all, regardless of their knowledge of audio or new technologies. We have conducted many user tests and continually work to improve the service.

No, thanks to our unique patented technology, the retransmitted signal is resynchronised to avoid the effects of echo and latency between the physical experience of airborne sound and that heard through the headphones.

Supralive® allows general volume control while giving access to an active noise reduction technology up to -30 db. It combines a confortable listening experience with a perfect synchronization to the stage’s sound.

The feeling of the sound of the scene is synchronized with the comfortable listening provided by Supralive This is a unique and complete experience. Click this link to find out more.

It allows a considerable sound experience improvement thanks to :

- Listening to uncompressed HD sound directly from the console

– Its computational power and digital dynamics is far superior to that of current hearing aids allowing a finer correction grain, over a wider range

– The audio customization through the 10-band equalizer, and left/right balance and general volume allows a precise audio setting to any hearing impairment.

- Access to the multitrack allows volume control over each instrument / voice on stage.

Yes, our system is compatible with hearing aids that have a "T" position activated. For this purpose, a magnetic collar replaces the traditional headset connected to the standard smartphone to ensure sound transmission between the latter and the hearing aids.

Of course! Supralive® is optional to a traditional listening system. Our broadcasting system is connected to the engineer’s soundboard and broadcasts the audio that both the engineer and the artist on stage have wanted for the audience (post-EQ, post-gain, post-fader).

In the case of an acoustic concert, the set up of a captation 100% dedicated to the Supralive listening service is possible.

Music fans and musicians ourselves, we aim at providing the best audio experiences possible to your fans and audiences.

Thanks to our unique patented technology, we transmit to our users your music in all its integrity, as you have worked it out with your sound engineer. The default settings in the mobile app are the same as those offered for the front speakers (we are post-EQ, post-fader, post-gain). Audiences can then make a few adjustments in order to benefit from a sound perfectly adapted to their hearing, to their position in the room, and to better perceive the voice or a particular instrument.

Our app is fully customizable and can also be used for creative purposes in music (like concert with only headphones listening) or other types of creative events. For example, friend artists of ours have offered their audience to play with effects on each track ! We are here to talk about your project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes. Our operations are today delivered as turn key services, providing you with all the necessary equipment: the phone, the Peeble receiver box and a Bose headset. This allows you not to worry about compatibility, network or charge matters.

No, the audio is processed by the Peeble (smart receiver), which allows us to offer the same audio quality to all the spectators equipped, regardless of the mobile or tablet.

Supralive® was conceived to be easily deployed and implemented on any type of event or venue. Please have a look at our technical rider and do not hesitate to contact us for further information. .

"Sine qua non" condition of Supralive's success, our technology integrates a number of anti-piracy systems to ensure data protection by banning recordings.

Our Peeble smart receiver meets Standard F EN 62311 October 2008/Evaluation of electronic and electrical equipment in relation to human exposure restrictions in electromagnetic fields (0 Hz – 300 GHz). The Radio protocol used (ISM-5.8 GHz bands) does not pose a risk to Pacemaker carriers.


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